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Standard checklist for classwork


  1. Check whether the child has completed the index properly with the topic number, name of the topic/chapter, page number and date on which the topic was covered

  2. Check for any mistakes in spellings, grammar or syntax and correct it accordingly

  3. In mathematics and science, check whether the child has shown all steps while solving the problem along with relevant formulae and proper scientific methods and explanations

  4. Check for neatness and order in the work done

  5. Check if the handwriting is proper and legible. If you find it otherwise kindly suggest methods as to how the child can improve his/her handwriting

  6. Check for completeness of the work done. If you find the work to be incomplete, ensure that the child completes the work at the earliest

  7. Discourage the child from writing on loose papers and sticking them in his/her fair notebooks. Instead, encourage the child to do it in their notebooks in real-time


Standard checklist for homework


  1. Check for completeness of the work

  2. Check for spellings, grammar, syntax, proper procedure and method used in the completion of the work.

  3. Timely submission of the work given

  4. Proper filling up of index with relevant details

  5. No Home work will be given to Grade 1 and 2.

  6. Parents shall be updated with school working and syllabus covered every 15 days. To save trees no paper notice will be given. All notices shall go through Email only.

  7. Parents are advised to cultivate pre read and post read habits in their children. This will ensure as far as learning is concerned children are on auto mode most of the time and no hand holding is done by the parent.

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